Can I Visit The Dentist During Coronavirus?

If you need dental care in Bowling Green, KY, but you’re worried that going to the dentist may be risky due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Precision Dental is here to help. Our office is open for all patients, but we’re taking serious precautions to make sure that our staff and patients are protected from COVID-19 and any other infectious diseases. Learn more below, and see how we’re protecting our patients in Bowling Green, KY.

Social Distancing Precautions At Our Office

We have taken steps to reconfigure our waiting area, and maintain at least 6 feet of distance between all patients. We have also taken all magazines, pamphlets, and other hard to clean, frequently-touched objects out of our waiting room for the safety of our patients.

We also ask that, if possible, you come alone to your appointment at Precision Dental unless you require the assistance of a caretaker to come to our office. This will help reduce the number of people in our office, and keep you and our team safe.

Our team is also spacing out patient appointments throughout the day to reduce the number of people who have to wait for their treatment, which further reduces the number of people in our office simultaneously, ensuring a safer environment. 

Frequent Disinfection Of Common Areas & Frequently-Touched Surfaces

We have stepped up our disinfection and cleaning of areas like bathrooms, countertops, chairs, tables, and other surfaces that are frequently touched by staff members and patients. We are wiping down these surfaces multiple times per day with medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant products. 

Enhanced Operatory Cleaning & Sterilization

We have always followed all applicable OSHA, CDC, and ADA guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting operatories between patients, including sanitization of hard surfaces, disposal of used dental tools and equipment, and the use of plastic barriers for hard-to-clean surfaces like dental chairs. 

Use Of Advanced PPE & Safe Disposal Of Used Equipment 

Gloves and masks or face shields are worn for every patient, and depending on the operation and the patient, our team may wear additional PPE like gowns, shoe coverings, and head coverings. 

We also are taking steps to reduce cross-contamination, such as leaving used PPE in the operatory where it was used, so that disposable PPE can be thrown away safely and reusable PPE can be sanitized and reprocessed without any potential spread of viruses or bacteria. 

Regular Hand Washing, Proper Cough & Respiratory Etiquette 

All of our team members are following hand washing best practices, such as washing hands before and after each patient, and before and after putting on gloves, as well as after touching any potentially-contaminated surface.

We are also taking steps to follow proper respiratory etiquette like coughing or sneezing into the elbow, washing hands after a cough or sneeze, and disposing of used tissues properly to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens like COVID-19. 

Come To Precision Dental For Expert Dental Care In Bowling Green, KY

If you’re worried about seeing the dentist during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Precision Dental is here for you. Dr. Bryan Packard is taking every possible step to keep you safe during this difficult time, and ensure you can always get the dental care you need. Learn more about how we’re keeping you safe or schedule an appointment now by giving us a call at 270-715-9214 or contacting us online. 

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