Comparing Veneers to Dental Bonding Options

Veneers and dental bonding are both dental procedures used in cosmetic dentistry to enhance the aspect of the teeth and provide a healthy beautiful looking smile. While both procedures are similar, there are a few differences to take into account when choosing one or the other.

Differences Between Veneers and Dental Bonding 

Veneers Are Not Reversible 

In order to place the veneers, which are like shells attached to the teeth, your natural teeth need to be reshaped by trimming the enamel. This is not a reversible procedure, but a permanent one, meaning you can't take the veneers off and go back the way your teeth look before. 

Dental bonding is not a permanent procedure. It’s placed by attaching a resin composite material to the tooth using a special light. The resin is shaped and sculpted to your natural tooth. 


Dental bonding is a less expensive choice compared to dental veneers. If your budget is limited yet you need to restore your smile, bonding can be a more suited solution. Dental bonding treatment takes less time than veneers and is cheaper. 


Dental veneers are a good option for a permanent solution. While they do cost more than dental bonding, the effect of this option is long-term. They are resistant to stains, which helps them resist up to 25 years when given proper care. 

Dental bonding is less resistant, and they need repair within 3 to 10 years after the treatment is done. The material is less stain-resistant in comparison to the porcelain used for veneers. With good oral health, though, the life of dental bonding can be longer. However, veneers are the better option for a longer-term investment. 

Treatment Duration

Veneers require several consultations with the dentist before the treatment is over. Your teeth need to be shaped for the shells to be placed. Dentists need to send a mold of the teeth to a lad to create the perfect shape. Only after that, you can schedule the visit for the actual placement of the veneers.

Dental bonding is done in one visit to the dentist, and it can be done on several teeth at once. If you are looking for a quick solution to your teeth problems, and if it is possible, dental bonding is a better option for you.

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