Cosmetic Dentistry: New Year, New Smile!

If you’re interested in restoring your smile, the New Year is a great time to start. It’s a time of fresh beginnings and a time to start working towards a better you. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, but you’re not sure where to start, the team at Precision Dental is here to help!  

A bright, straight smile can do wonders for your confidence and your oral health, and we want you to know what is possible. Here are a few cosmetic issues we can treat at Precision Dental:

Chipped Or Slightly Damaged Teeth

If your teeth are chipped or slightly damaged and worn down, you have a number of cosmetic options. Dental bonding is one treatment that may be recommended. Bonding uses a special type of resin that is applied directly to the tooth and sculpted to create a more natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Porcelain veneers may also be used to cover up minor damage and imperfections, restoring your smile and allowing you to feel great about the color and shape of your teeth.

Cracked Or Damaged Teeth

More severe damage to your teeth usually can’t be treated with a purely cosmetic procedure like porcelain veneers. In the case of cracked or damaged teeth, a porcelain crown can be used to “cap” and cover the entire tooth structure, protecting the remaining enamel, and restore the tooth to the proper size, shape, and appearance.

Crooked Or Gapped Teeth

Slightly crooked or gapped teeth may be treated with veneers or dental bonding, in some cases, but this depends on your particular situation. Typically, the best way to address teeth alignment and spacing issues is with orthodontic treatment like ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect uses a system of clear, retainer-like plastic aligners to gently shift your teeth into the proper position in your mouth, and correct your smile.

Teeth Stains And Yellowing

If your teeth are stained and yellowed due to aging, tobacco use, or due to the consumption of dark beverages like soda, tea, coffee and wine, teeth whitening may be the best choice to restore your smile. Using advanced whitening agents, these surface stains can be removed in just a single appointment.

If your teeth are significantly stained or have interior stains, veneers may also be recommended, as they can cover up any remaining stains and cosmetic issues with your teeth.

Metal Crowns And Fillings

While old mercury-amalgam fillings and steel or gold dental crowns are effective, they don’t look natural, and may eventually weaken with age. At Precision Dental, Dr. Packard can replace your old fillings or crowns with new, composite or porcelain prosthetics. Your new filling or crown will look and feel completely natural, allowing you to smile with confidence.

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At your cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Packard will discuss all of your treatment options, and develop a smile makeover plan that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us now at 270-715-9214 or come to our office at 2625 Nashville Road, Suite 103, Bowling Green, KY 42101 to schedule an appointment. We’re always taking new patients, so stop by soon!

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