Pain After A Dental Implant: What’s Normal After My Surgery?

If you’ve recently had a dental implant placed, you may be wondering when you can expect your pain and discomfort to subside after surgery. At Precision Dental, we want all of our patients to be informed about aftercare and the healing process, whether you received your implant from Dr. Packard or not. Here are a few things you should know about the implant healing process, pain after implant surgery, and how long it takes to get back to normal:

Is Dental Implant Pain Normal After Surgery?

Yes. Some minor pain and discomfort are normal after treatment. At Precision Dental, Dr. Packard uses the latest technology and surgical techniques to ensure the procedure is minimally-invasive and pain-free. However, the process of placing a dental implant still involves major oral surgery to create an opening in the gums and jaw where your implant can be placed.

It’s totally normal to feel some pain and discomfort after surgery when the numbing agents and dental sedation wear off. However, you will likely notice some pain, discomfort, swelling, bruising and inflammation by the end of the day. Some bleeding is also common for the first 24-48 hours after treatment. Follow the instructions given to you by your dentist to ensure that you modify your diet and activities properly, and give your mouth enough time to heal. 

How Long Will It Take For Pain from an Implant to Subside? 

In most cases, the discomfort will peak within about 3-5 days after your treatment, and then begin to subside relatively quickly. By the end of your first week post-surgery, you should be feeling little, if any, discomfort and pain. 

Other symptoms like swelling, bruising and inflammation should begin to fade quite a bit by this time, as well. Depending on how quickly you’re healing, your mouth will begin to feel normal again about 1-2 weeks after your implant placement surgery. At this time, you should feel no more pain, and you can eat your normal diet and resume strenuous activities like exercise. 

What Should I Do If I’m Feeling Serious Pain 2+ Weeks After Surgery? 

The vast majority of dental implant patients should be healed within about 2 weeks after surgery, though another 3-6 months is necessary to ensure that your implant completely bonds with your jaw bone. If you are still experiencing serious pain and discomfort after 2 weeks, this is a sign that something may be wrong. Come in for a visit to get an oral exam and determine the cause of your pain. 

The most likely issue is an infection of the dental implant site. This is very rare, but can cause inflammation and pain around your dental implant. It’s often possible to clean and disinfect the implant site and use antibiotics to eliminate the infection and save your dental implant.

Another rare cause of pain after implant could be bodily rejection of your dental implant. If you have an undiagnosed mental allergy, your body may reject the implant, which can prevent proper healing and cause pain and discomfort.

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