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Why is a family dentist important for my child?

Dr. Packard and the team at Precision Dental understand how important it is to have a family-friendly, approachable environment for your children when it comes to dentistry. The experience your kids have at the dentist while they are young can shape the attitude they will have toward oral care for the rest of their lives.

If your dentist does not offer caring, patient, and child-friendly services, your child could begin to associate the dentist with negativity, or even develop dental anxiety. That’s why we make it our goal to ensure that your child feels completely comfortable while in our care. Dr. Packard and our team of dental assistants and oral hygienists have years of experience working with kids.

Do you offer flexible hours and emergency services?

Yes! We know that it’s not always easy to make it into the dentist’s office, particularly if you’re juggling a job, school, kids, and all of your other responsibilities. So we’re open late on some days of the week, and we also offer appointments on the first and third Saturday of the month, from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

We also offer walk-in appointments and after-hours emergency dental services for our patients. Whether your child breaks a tooth, you lose a dental crown while chewing a gummy candy, or you have a toothache that just won’t go away, we are willing to accommodate you, and ensure you get the treatment you need.

Do you offer pediatric care?

Yes! At Precision Dental, we provide patients in Bowling Green with quality, compassionate family dental care. Dr. Packard is an experienced pediatric and general dentist, and he has worked with patients of all ages. From initial exams for teething children to orthodontic consultations for teens and preteens, we take care of smiles of all ages and stages of dental health at Precision Dental.

What is the advantage of making an appointment before the end of the year?

Now is the perfect time to come see the team at Precision Dental. If you schedule appointments for your family now, you’ll be able to take advantage of your dental benefits before they expire at the end of the year.

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