Should I Replace My Missing Teeth? Explaining What Happens If You Don’t!

If you’ve lost one or more teeth in Bowling Green, you should replace them. And you should start exploring your options, such as dental implants, right away. Why? 

That’s a good question. So in this blog, Precision Dental will explain what will happen to your mouth and your lifestyle if you don’t replace your teeth. Let’s get started.

1. Your Nearby Teeth May Start To Shift

When you lose a tooth, the nearby teeth typically respond by shifting toward the now-empty socket. This is because your mouth is trying to fill up the gap left behind by your missing tooth. While this is a natural response to tooth loss, it’s not a good thing. Changes in how your teeth fit together could ruin your bite alignment or negatively affect the straightness of your teeth. 

2. Your Jawbone Will Begin To Weaken

Once you’ve lost a tooth, the bone in your jaw beneath the tooth will no longer be stimulated by biting and chewing. In response to this, it will begin to weaken. This is called “bone resorption,” and you can lose up to 30% of your jaw bone mass within a year of tooth loss.

The only way to prevent this is with a dental implant, which is why implants are usually recommended as the best method of restoring missing teeth at Precision Dental. Implants are placed directly into the jaw, and they stimulate the jaw bone just like a real tooth, preventing your jawbone from weakening after tooth loss. 

3. You’ll Feel Bad About Your Appearance

If your tooth loss is visible when you speak, smile, laugh, or eat, chances are you’ll begin to feel self-conscious about your appearance and how others perceive you. There’s definitely a social stigma surrounding tooth loss, which can make your personal and professional life difficult unless you have your teeth replaced. 

4. You’ll Experience Speech Issues

Tooth loss often leads to speech issues and impediments, since the tongue must press against the teeth to make certain sounds, such as the “S” sound. 

If you lose one or more teeth, particularly front teeth, you may have trouble making this and other sounds. Your speech may sound more “slushy,” indistinct, and slurred, and you may have difficulty making yourself clear when speaking to others. 

5. You’ll Have Trouble Eating Your Favorite Foods 

Obviously, your teeth are essential for chewing and eating food. So losing one or more teeth will make it more difficult to eat some foods. Chewing a piece of fresh, fibrous broccoli, for example, will be more difficult if you’re missing one or more rear teeth. Or, biting directly into an apple may not be possible if you’ve lost one or more of your front teeth.

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